Condominium or Homeowner’s Association Property Claims

Has your condominium suffered damages from a fire, flood, windstorm, hurricane or other natural disaster?  If so, I encourage you to contact The Freeman Law Firm, P.A. and schedule your appointment for a free consultation. The procedures for filing condominium property claims vary from residential property claims as condominium properties or other community associations involve a board of directors or the association’s manager. Since 1996, I have represented condominium policyholders who have experienced damage and devastation of catastrophic storms such as hurricanes, fires or other property damage claims. If you have not filed your claim yet, do not wait. If you have filed a claim and your claim has been denied or underpaid, call me, I can help you.

Has your condominium suffered damages from a hurricane, fire or other disasters?

Do you know how to file a Condominium Property Claim?

Filing Condominium or Homeowner’s Association Property Claims

Condominium insurance is similar to various types of homeowners’ insurance policies. Depending on the details of your policy, condominium property claims could involve restoring or replacing your property to its pre-loss state within the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. Since condominium or homeowner’s association properties involve the association’s manager and board of directors, when a loss occurs the association needs to evaluate the damages to determine the location and the extent of the damages. After evaluating the damages, associations will verify the insurance coverage and review the responsibilities of the association and unit owners. Understanding your policy’s terms and conditions for your coverage may be easily understood; however, it can involve complicated circumstances which would best be handled with the help of an experienced attorney who knows how to handle condominium property claims.