Hurricane Irma Claim

After Hurricane Irma hit Florida, thousands of homeowners have been left struggling with damages and waiting for their insurance companies to settle their insurance claims.  The Freeman Law Firm, P.A. understands the frustration of trying to get insurance companies to honor policies and settle a Hurricane Irma claim, and we are here to help you receive what you may be legally entitled to.  The Freeman Law Firm, P.A. specializes in Litigation Legal Research. We bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge to your legal needs and provide strategy about the best way to move forward. Read on to learn more about my practice areas and call today. Your case is important to me.

Have you experienced property damages from a catastrophic storm?

Let our firm help you receive what you are legally entitled to.

I represent residential or commercial policyholders who have experienced damage and devastation of catastrophic storms such as Hurricane Irma or hail damage claims. If you have not filed your claim yet, do not wait. If you have filed a claim and your claim has been denied or underpaid, call me, I can help you.

Homeowners and business owners are often faced with complicated issues and complex decisions after they suffer property damage from a hurricane or other windstorm event. These decisions and issues can arise while filing a claim with your insurance company. The claim information that is presented can be crucial and the strategy used can be paramount to a successful resolution of your case.

If you feel like your hurricane insurance claim has been improperly handled, has not been properly paid or if your claim has been unfairly denied, you can call me for a free claim review. For over TWO decades, I have dedicated myself to standing up against insurance companies and their corporate defense lawyers.

You might feel overwhelmed during this part of the process which is natural; however, due diligence and dedication to this process will ensure you have the proper legal recourse should your claim eventually be denied. If it is denied, delayed, or underpaid, I am here to help.

If you think you have a legal issue and would like to speak to an experienced and seasoned attorney call me to schedule a free consultation. It will not cost you anything to find out if you are being treated wrongly by your carrier.