Residential Property Claims

Has your residential property suffered damages due to fires, floods, windstorms, hurricanes or other natural disasters?  Has your insurance company denied or underpaid your residential property claims?  If so, contact The Freeman Law Firm and schedule your appointment for a free consultation.  Since 1996, I have represented residential policyholders who have experienced damage and devastation of catastrophic storms, fires, hurricanes and more. If you have filed a claim and your claim has been denied or underpaid, call me for a free consultation.

Policyholders are often faced with complicated issues and complex decisions after they suffer property damage from a hurricane. These decisions and issues can arise while filing a claim with your insurance company. The claim information that is presented can be crucial and the strategy used can be paramount to a successful resolution of your insurance claim.

Is your insurance company denying or trying to minimize your residential property claim?
Do not let the insurance company take advantage of you.

What do Residential Property Claims Involve?

Residential property claims involve restoring or replacing your property to its pre-loss state within the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. When filing a residential property claim, in addition to dealing with the devastation of the loss itself, homeowners are also confronted with the steps involved in filing the claim. These steps include things such as inspecting and documenting all of your losses, reviewing and understanding your policy’s terms and conditions for your coverage, knowing the policy’s limitations, deductibles and specific requirements needed to make the insurance claim. Some insurance policys may be easily understood; however, many can involve complicated circumstances which would best be handled with the help of an experienced attorney who knows how to handle property damage claims.

At the Freeman Law Firm, P.A., “Fighting your insurance company is our business.” When filing your claim, the information presented, and the strategy used can be crucial to the outcome of your insurance claim. Let us represent you to help you receive what you may be legally entitled to with your residential property claim. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment for a free consultation.