Roof Insurance Claims

Roof damage is the most common type of loss after a hurricane.  Sadly, insurance claims are often denied or underpaid by insurance companies. If the roof of your home or business has been damaged due to a rainstorm, windstorm, hurricane or other natural disaster, I encourage you to contact me and schedule an appointment for a free consultation.  Many times insurance companies may try to minimize roof insurance claims by claiming that the damages do not affect the roof’s function and structural integrity.  If this is happening to you, do not wait, contact The Freeman Law Firm, P.A. and let us represent you to help you receive what you are legally entitled to.


Bad faith claims and other insurance tactics are all designed to avoid properly paying valid claims.

Do not let your insurance company bully you.

Many times after a hurricane or other natural disaster, the damages to a roof do not show up immediately or are not visible unless thoroughly inspected. When filing claims with your insurance company, some companies may try to minimize the damages and underpay policy holders out of the appropriate compensation they are entitled to. Some insurance companies may even practice bad faith claims practices and claims may be seriously delayed or denied all together.

If you think bad faith may be a factor in the handling of your roof claim, then contact me for a free review and assessment of your claim and a free consultation of your legal rights.