Tile Roof Claims

Has the tile roof of your home or business been damaged from a hurricane, storm or other natural disaster? Do you have missing, broken or cracked tiles?  Do not let your insurance company tell you to replace a few broken or loose tiles and everything will be fine. Partially repaired roofs generally have no warranty. Your insurance company may be required to replace your entire tile roof with a new tile roof and to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Do not accept a partially repaired roof. Let me review your roof damage claim to make sure your insurance company is paying you for what you are legally entitled to.  Fighting your insurance company is our business and The Freeman Law Firm, P.A. is here to represent you and help you receive what you may be legally entitled to.


Has your insurance company told you they can “repair” your damaged tile roof?

You may be legally entitled to a new tile roof.

Filing a Tile Roof Insurance Claim

Often tile roofs should be completely replaced even if just a few tiles are damaged or chipped. Generally, matching tiles are no longer available, discontinued meaning they are no longer manufactured.  Learn more about tile roofing below. 

Matching Tile: If your roof tile is no longer manufactured, in profile or color, when making repairs, it will be impossible to match the current roof tiles.  If this occurs entire sections of the roof will need to be replaced. If more than 25% of the roof needs to be replaced, Florida Building Code requires the roofing expert to re-nail the decking and verify roof to wall attachment. This would cause the need for a full roof replacement.

Uplifting : Nails or screws that were used to hold down tiles or shingles are forced up with the pulling action of wind, causing a direct path for water to travel through the roof and into your home or commercial building. Uplift is cause for concern as it may cause a tile to stay uplifted and allow water under the tile system, which would lead to leaks.

Broken or Missing Tiles: Strong wind gusts, usually over 110mph cause tiles, shingles and/or metal roofing material to lift, break or become damaged or compromise the integrity of a tile roof system. Often the roof’s underlayment is damaged during a tropical storm or hurricane which is not noticeable from a visual inspection and requires uplift testing.

Lifting: In some cases, entire sections of shingles, tiles or metal roof are lifted from the roof deck, pulling out the fasteners and leaving nail holes exposed for a leak to occur.