Water Damage Claims

At The Freeman Law Firm, P.A., our attorneys understand the devastation one can experience as a result from water damage to their home or business. Whether your home or business has experienced water damage due to a leaking roof, pipe burst, or natural disaster, the situation can cause a lot of frustration. In addition to dealing with the damage and losses, a denied insurance claim can leave you feeling discouraged about returning your assets back to their pre-loss state. Hiring a professional to help you with the process of filing your claim can not only help you feel more at ease but ensure you are getting the coverage you are entitled to. At The Freeman Law Firm P.A., fighting your insurance company is our business. Since 1996, we have represented many homeowners and business owners across Southwest Florida with their water damage claims.

If you do not agree with your insurance company’s denial or unfair settlement for your water loss claim, we can help.

What to do After Your Property Has Been Flooded

Whether you home or business has been flooded due to a broken pipes, a roof leak or from a natural disaster such as a hurricane, knowing what to do after this disaster occurs is very important.  Below are some of the first things you should do after suffering from water damage.

  • Safety – After any type of devastating event safety should always come first.
  • Electrical Safety – Standing water may be electrically charged from downed electrical lines.  Stay clear until the area is checked by a professional.
  • Structural Damages – Areas which have been damages by water may not be structurally sound.  Use caution and have a professional inspect the property.
  • Photos – When all is safe to enter, before trying to clean up take photos to have proof of all damages.
  • Contact your insurance company to file your claim

If you have filed or will be filing a claim for water damage insurance, hiring a professional to help file the claim, document damages and negotiate with your insurance company can be very beneficial to the outcome of your case. For more information on how The Freeman Law Firm, P. A. can help you with your claim, contact our office and set up a free consultation.